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Driven from aspiration to perfection.


phytron moves. Man and machine. With each other, between each other, for each other.


An aspiration of perfection, from which, out of decades of experience, one of the largest existing ranges of stepper motors and power stages for stepper motors was created. Our customers benefit from it in 20 countries worldwide. Wherever you should decide to go with phytron, our products are always on one and the same page: In each piece of equipment and in every individual solution, lies the same passion for quality, the same specialist competence and the same highly technical precision. A love for detail, which has achieved the strict DIN EN ISO 9001 specifications since 1994, the DIN EN ISO 13485 between 1997 and 2016 and the DIN EN 9100 specifications since 2016.

It was out of these values that, in 1947, phytron was founded and developed into a leading manufacturer in the industry of stepper motors and control devices. Its employees are supported through regular training exercises and benefit from an open communication between all levels of management. The result is a continuous success, for which phytron was judged as being one of the top 100 employers.

Based on these values, phytron inspires customers and partners.


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